Adult Basic Education

Accelerating Opportunity Model Effectively and Efficiently Helps Low-Skilled Students Earn College Credentials


New Evidence on Integrated Career Pathways: Final Impact Report for Accelerating Opportunity


Impact Profile of William Warren: Pursuing an Artistic Passion and Career through Accelerating Opportunity

In summer 2014, William Warren was feeling unprepared and hopeless about his academic and professional trajectories. William always had a passion for art, but wasn’t sure how to apply his interest toward a future career. After receiving a postcard in the mail about the Accelerating Opportunity pathway offerings at Wichita Area Technical College, William decided to enroll in classes toward earning his Aerospace Coatings and Paint Technology technical certificate.


Impact Profile of Eh Kaw Htoo: Finding Inclusion and Support Far from Home through Accelerating Opportunity

Eh Kaw Htoo was born in Burma, but was exiled to a refugee camp in Thailand with his family at a very young age. He called the refugee camp “home” for the majority of his childhood and teenage years. Unfortunately, the harsh realities of life in a refugee camp meant that academics and planning for the future had to take a back seat to the necessities of day-to-day survival.


Transformational Teaching: A Team Approach

Helping the nation’s 36 million adults with low basic skills access economic opportunities requires innovative approaches to education and training—and we can’t do it alone. Every day, adults come to community colleges across the country to gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers. Fortunately, faculty are ready, willing, and able to work together to provide these students with high-quality learning experiences.

Transformational Teaching: A Team Approach to Adult Education

Team Teaching

In honor of Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, Jobs for the Future is excited to share the latest publication from Accelerating Opportunity, our national initiative to integrate Adult Basic Education and career and technical education  in order to increase the number of adults who enter postsecondary education and earn credentials that lead to family-supporting careers.

How to Ensure Success for Underprepared Learners in College

Critical Findings of the Accelerating Opportunity Initiative

Jobs for the Future’s Accelerating Opportunity (AO) initiative was launched over four years ago, with the goal of helping the nation’s large numbers of adults with low basic skills earn higher-wage jobs faster by combining the Adult Basic Education (ABE) and career and technical training they need into one integrated program.

New Report Reveals Lessons Learned for Ensuring Success for Underprepared Learners in College


Implementation of Accelerating Opportunity: Lessons for the Field


Expanding Competency-Based Education for All Learners

This brief explores the potential of competency-based education to meet the needs of underprepared adult learners who would benefit from a faster route to college completion. Interest in CBE is surging, but most programs serve students who are already well prepared for higher education. JFF is leading an effort to examine how postsecondary CBE models can be designed to better serve low-income, low-skilled adults who are not yet college ready. We kicked off this initiative with a convening of educators, policymakers, and researchers, the results of which are captured in this paper.