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The Secret Glue in the Swiss Apprenticeship System

Center for Young Professionals Banking Apprentices and Trainer at CEMETS Summer Institute

Center for Young Professionals banking apprentices and trainer share experiences with CEMETS Summer Institute participants.

Swiss Apprenticeship Series


In this three-part series, JFF's Nancy Hoffman shares insights and reflections from her deep experience studying and learning about the Swiss Vocational and Professional Educational and Training (VPET) system. Switzerland is a global leader in developing successful apprenticeship and work-based learning systems.

On the Road: Learning from the Successful Swiss Apprenticeship System

Participants from around the world presented at CEMETS Summer Institute.

Participants from around the world presented at the CEMETS Summer Institute in Switzerland this past June.

Preparing the Workforce of the Future by Doing What Matters

By Van Ton-Quinlivan, vice chancellor for workforce and economic development of the California Community Colleges

Jobs for the Future and Cengage Partner to Create Pathways into IT, Energy, and Aerospace Careers


Toolkit: Creating Paths to Employment for Opportunity Youth

The Rise of the 1099 Economy: Who Really Benefits from Contract Work?

One trend to watch closely as we explore the future of work is the changing nature of the employer/employee relationship—particularly the fact that, legally, fewer people in the workforce can even be called “employees.” Independent contractors—or “1099” workers, named by the IRS form they file to report their income—make up a growing proportion of workers compared to prior years, with freelance acco


Growing Tomorrow’s Nursing Workforce: New Paths to Professional Nursing

A recent New Jersey-based initiative, New Paths to Professional Nursing (NPPN), funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s New Jersey Health Initiatives program, demonstrates that it is possible to create a pipeline of nursing candidates who live in and resemble the communities they serve. NPPN tapped the frontline, non-licensed workforce of hospitals and other participating employers, enabling selected employees to enroll in prerequisite courses for a BSN to build the first stages of a diverse, culturally competent, bachelor-prepared nursing pipeline.

Jobs for the Future of Work: Supporting Workers and Employers as Technology and Talent Transform

As I enter my third month as JFF’s President and CEO, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that in order to advance JFF’s mission of helping all young people and adults attain quality credentials and employment, we must think about our strategies and solutions within the context that the rapid changes and economic trends—such as the growth in automation technologies and contract-based work arrangements—are bringing to the workplace and to the very future of work in our society.

Almost 35 years ago, Hilary Pennington and Arthur White founded JFF to help: