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Offering comprehensive technical assistance to help partners maximize the success of workforce development projects that improve career opportunities for lower-skilled adults.

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Sector Strategies



JFF has extensive experience in sector-based workforce development approaches and possesses a unique set of strengths to assist states and regions to develop and implement sector strategies.  This includes deep expertise in: 

  1. Industry and employer engagement: developing, establishing, and sustaining workforce partnerships that engage industry as partners and drivers of training and education efforts to support business growth and career development.
  2. Federal policy in particular WIA/WIOA: unparalleled experience developing, analyzing, and implementing WIA/WIOA regulations; assist workforce system stakeholders to develop sector strategies within the context of WIOA
  3. Labor market analysis and training: sophisticated analysis of labor market information (both traditional and real time sources), to ensure that strategies align with the needs of the local economy.
  4. Workforce development planning: coordinating a variety of stakeholders to build their capacity to coordinate complex efforts, work across systems, develop deep understanding of employer needs, and aggregate demand in key sectors to drive comprehensive and strategic workforce development plans.
  5. Asset mapping: process of identifying and providing information about a region’s assets. It generally includes: tapping the expertise of key stakeholders; Research on relevant policies and programs; Analysis of labor market data; Synthesizing data and information gathered through the process; Sharing results with stakeholders.
  6. Facilitation: convening cross-sector teams of employers, the workforce system, education and training providers, and other community stakeholders to develop shared goals and strategies; expert meeting planners and facilitators utilizing co-creation approach with partners; begin with overall vision, appropriate timelines, metrics, and goals to be tested so that outcomes are clear
  7. Toolkit development: present material in easy-to-understand, modular formats so that practitioners can select and utilize individual tools and resources from toolkits and/or follow a step-by-step process that incorporates a sequenced use of multiple tools.