Best Bet Services

Helping Students Find Their Best Bet

Providing tools and training to help students identify Best Bet programs that align with their interests and the needs of local employers.

Clare Bertrand
Associate Director
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MyBestBets is a unique web and mobile application that supports low-income young adults in answering these important questions by guiding them to the right choices when it comes to postsecondary education and training pathways—choices that will lead to high-demand and high-growth careers. 

By using MyBestBets, young people are able to:

  • Identify their interests, talents, and aspirations
  • Utilize sophisticated and visually dynamic data sets to investigate potential careers
  • Organize and track progress towards their postsecondary goals
  • Stay connected to staff and career coaches that care
  • Develop skills and social capital through real-world experiences
  • Take ownership of and actively shape their own Best Bet education and career pathways

MyBestBets is cutting edge, both in combining and presenting personal and labor market data in highly engaging ways and in supporting a blended learning approach that deepens young adults' relationships with their advisors or counselors. MyBestBets will support professionals who are responsible for providing the support and guidance that we know these young people must have in order to succeed. There are more than 14 million U.S. jobs requiring postsecondary degrees that will go unfilled in the next 10 years unless our country's young people are guided to make the right education and career choices. MyBestBets gives the most disenfranchised of young adults the opportunity to make informed decisions that will bring them into the economic mainstream and help secure their financial well-being. 

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