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Back on Track Design Services

Helping Communities Reengage Opportunity Youth

Designing cutting-edge programs for schools and youth-serving organizations to reengage youth and young adults who are disconnected from both education and work, and put them on a path to postsecondary credentials.

Lili Allen
Associate Vice President, Reconnection Strategies and Designs
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How We Help

Jobs for the Future customizes services for our partners and clients to reengage youth and young adults who are off track to graduation, or disconnected from school and work, and put them on a path to postsecondary credentials. All our services are grounded in the Back on Track Through College three-phase model.

We help communities identify off-track youth and young adults disconnected from school and work and develop a strategic plan during Strategic Assessment & Planning. Next, we help communities determine what pathway designs are most critical for their youth populations and will best lead them to college and career success. Different features of Pathway Design may include curricula, instructional strategies, student supports, educational technologies, and partnerships with postsecondary institutions. Pathway Implementation involves building the capacity of school and program leaders and staff to operationalize these pathways to postsecondary success. Finally, we train community partners and staff on how to use data to guide improvements and innovations, and work to develop sustainable funding strategies through Impact & Sustainability work.

For more information, or to ask about our services, please contact Lili Allen, Associate Vice President, Reconnection Designs. Also, learn more about our current work in the field.