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We organize our work into three areas to help low-income youth & adults:

Strategies for Success: Promising Practices from the 2004 Winners of the MetLife Foundation Community College Excellence Award

Victoria Choitz

MetLife Foundation created the Community College Excellence Award to celebrate institutions that are helping low-skilled youth and adults to enter college—and achieve their economic goals. The Award recognizes community colleges whose policies and practices provide pathways to opportunity for large numbers of individuals from the following populations: first-generation college-goers, at-risk and out-of-school youth, unemployed and underemployed adults, adults with limited English language proficiency, and others who lack the skills necessary for college success.

Strategies for Success draws on the experience of the seven finalists for the 2004 MetLife Foundation Community College Excellence Award. It presents promising examples from community colleges dedicated to helping underprepared youth and adults succeed in college and careers, highlighting practices and strategies in three areas:

  • Recruitment and outreach: enrolling the underserved;
  • Developmental education: getting students ready for college success; and
  • Student support services: from access to success.