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State Strategies for Sustaining and Scaling Grades 9-14 Career Pathways: Toward a Policy Set for Pathways to Prosperity

By Charlotte Cahill, Nancy Hoffman, Amy Loyd, and Joel Vargas

In collaboration with state leads from across the Pathways to Prosperity Network, the JFF team recently published this report, which provides a comprehensive overview of the state-level policies and actions that support the Pathways to Prosperity work, as well as concrete examples of how the Pathways key implementation levers are put into practice across the network.

In providing exemplars of how different states and regions are building grades 9-14 career pathways in their respective political, educational, and economic contexts, the paper reaffirms Pathways to Prosperity as a highly versatile model that can be championed by a wide range of stakeholders and implemented with funding streams and legislation, both big and small, old and new.