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Speech: Better and Faster: Accelerating Advancement in School and Work

Hilary Pennington

In 2001, JFF CEO and cofounder Hilary Pennington was a featured speaker at the Aspen Institute Congressional Seminar on "The New Challenge for Public Education: Secondary School Reform." Pennington made four key points:

  • The nation needs to focus on where students go when they leave high school—that is, their transition to postsecondary education and work.
  • If education beyond high school is the goal for all students, high school reform alone will not get us there.
  • The task is to create multiple pathways to and through the second year of college, not to reform the "one-size-fits-all" comprehensive high school.
  • We have a unique moment of obligation and opportunity to address these challenges, and Congress has a key leadership role to play.