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The Second Year of Accelerating Opportunity: Implementation Findings from the States and Colleges

Theresa Anderson, Lauren Eyster, Robert I. Lerman, and Carolyn T. O'Brien, Urban Institute

Download the Year Two Implementation Report

The second annual implementation report for the Accelerating Opportunity initiative in four states finds that:

  • Colleges aligned pathways and supports with local needs
  • Students were satisfied with the initiative
  • Accelerating Opportunity instructors grew more adept at team teaching
  • Colleges struggled to recruit adult education students
  • States and colleges sought new financial support and developed partnerships
  • Colleges served more students with fewer resources
  • States changed policies to support and sustain the initiative

Accelerating Opportunity provides grants to help community colleges create career pathway programs to enroll students with low basic skills into for-credit career and technical education courses to improve educational and employment outcomes.

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