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We organize our work into three areas to help low-income youth & adults:

The Right Jobs: Identifying Career Advancement Opportunities for Low-Skilled Workers

Susan Goldberger, Newell Lessell, and Radha Roy Biswas

What jobs are projected to grow? What jobs offer good starting wages with potential for advancement? What jobs are accessible without a four-year college degree? The Right Jobs provides workforce policymakers and directors of workforce development programs with a methodology to: identify the most promising employment opportunities within reach of low-skilled workers; determine the postsecondary training and career preparation routes that will yield results for their clients; and make the case for investment to public and private funders.

The Right Jobs reveals opportunities in a wide range of industries and occupations, along with several barriers that make it difficult for less-educated workers to gain access to these jobs. The report presents a range of program designs, strategies, and policies to help low-skilled workers overcome these obstacles.