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We organize our work into three areas to help low-income youth & adults:


Preparing Urban Teachers: Uncovering Communities

Eileen Shakespear, Fenway High School; Linda Beardsley, Tufts University; and Anne Newton, Jobs for the Future

The Urban Teacher Training Collaborative is an innovative school/university, school-based, Master of Arts in Teaching program developed by Tufts University in conjunction with three small Boston Public Schools (the Boston Arts Academy, Fenway High School, and Mission Hill School). Since January 2002, the collaboration has refined and expanded its efforts to deeply acquaint UTTC student teachers with the diverse communities and cultures from which their students come. 

Preparing Urban Teachers: Uncovering Communities documents a series of UTTC seminars. Prepared with funding from MetLife Foundation, the curriculum is a joint publication of JFF and the UTTC. To receive a copy of the DVD component of Preparing Urban Teachers, contact: