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The Pink to Green Toolkit: Adding a Gender Lens to Green Jobs Training Programs

Jobs for the Future

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The Pink to Green Toolkit was updated in 2017, revised by JFF as part of the Delivering the TDL Workforce Initiative.

The toolkit’s presentations, trainings, webinars, curriculum guides and modules, briefs, templates, tip sheets, and planning documents are designed to:

  • Help workforce development providers assess their capacity for recruiting, assessing, placing, and retaining women in nontraditional occupations;
  • Assist training providers in developing relevant plans, processes, and curricula for recruiting and retaining women in green nontraditional occupations;
  • Provide guidelines for case management of women and matters related to the unique and wraparound and support services required for women to advance on a career path in nontraditional occupations; and
  • Assist training programs in understanding and linking to organized labor, apprenticeships, and major employers.