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Jobs to Careers: Employer Self-Assessment Tool

Jennifer Craft Morgan and Bob Konrad, University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill

This tool will help employers assess their readiness for implementing innovations in the area of work-based learning and career pathway initiatives for frontline health care workers. Employers can assess their strengths and limitations related to policies, practices, and processes that are likely to contribute to the successful implementation and adoption of such initiatives. After completing the tool, employers may want to address areas identified through the self-assessment to boost their prospects for successfully implementing work-based learning for frontline workers in health care.

The Employer Self-Assessment Tool is based on experiences gained by the 17 projects supported by Jobs to Careers: Transforming the Front Lines of Health Care. A five-year, $15.8 million national initiative, Jobs to Careers is dedicated to improving the quality of care for patients and communities by changing the way frontline workers are trained, rewarded, and advanced in careers.