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An Innovative Approach to Developing Entry-Level Workers

Neil Silverston and Jerry Rubin

Changing demographics and shortages of skilled workers are forcing many health care companies to find new sources for employees and innovative approaches to recruit and keep them. WorkSource Partners, a workforce development firm that designs and implements career development and education programs for entry-level workers, has helped long-term care employers and their community college partners develop comprehensive CNA-to-LPN career-ladder programs to fill nursing vacancies. By bringing pre-college and college education to the workplace—in conjunction with career counseling and case management support—WorkSource has helped employers design, implement, and expand a “grow your own” career advancement model: the Regional Advancement Center.

This article originally appeared in the spring 2006 issue of Insights, published tri-annually by the Northeast Human Resources Association. Since 1985, NEHRA has provided members with programs, information, and opportunities to make connections that stimulate professional growth and enhance workplace contributions.