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Innovations in Labor Market Intelligence: Meeting the New Requirements of Regional Workforce and Economic Development

Robert Holm, Terri Lee Bergman, and Heath Prince

The nation’s economic and workforce development landscapes are changing rapidly. We can no longer define labor markets using the old geopolitical jurisdictions of states, counties, and cities but must instead focus more attention on regions and their industry clusters, which may be self-defining. At the same time, rapid technological change and fierce global competitiveness have asserted powerful influences over these regional economies. To remain globally competitive, regions must embrace new and better-integrated strategies for workforce and economic development.

Innovations in Labor Market Intelligence examines the creative development, application, and integration of labor market research in strategic thinking and decision making. The effectiveness of these collaborative processes depends on engaging not only intelligence suppliers but also decision makers who use the information. Alignment between data producers and users is critical to being agile in responding to rapidly changing labor market dynamics.

This report was prepared for JFF’s Regional Growth and Opportunity Initiative.