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Hidalgo Early College District Toolkit

Thad Nodine, Jill Frankfort, Cecilia Le

Access the Hidalgo Toolkit online.

As school districts nationwide seek ways to increase the college and career readiness of all their students, one district—Hidalgo, Texas—has established a proven model for success. Nationally recognized for its innovative approaches and strong results, Hidalgo is a small, rural, primarily Hispanic school district in South Texas where every student earns college credits before graduating from high school.

After two years of collaboration with Hidalgo, Jobs for the Future is sharing the district's knowledge about what it takes to create college opportunity for all through an online toolkit.

The Hidalgo Early College District Toolkit describes how the district built this “early college for all” model with key partners, including the Texas High School Project, the Texas Education Agency, Communities Foundation of Texas, University of Texas-Pan American, Texas State Technical College, South Texas College, and the Region One Education Service Center. The toolkit offers concrete lessons, strategies, and examples that other districts may adopt or adapt for their students’ benefit as well.