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We organize our work into three areas to help low-income youth & adults:


A Growing Jobs Sector: Health Informatics

Burning Glass Technologies

Credentials that Work utilizes innovations in the collection and use of real-time labor market information to assist community colleges and workforce development programs to evaluate and develop responsive programs of study and curriculum content, connecting them to current labor market needs and are aligned with regional economies. In a dynamic economic environment, where technology innovation and globalization are redefining the nature of work, those charged with developing the skills of the workforce must be able to assess labor market signals constantly using multiple sources of data and information. 

To enhance institutional decision making about program and course design, as well as the allocation of resources, JFF has partnered with Burning Glass Technologies and a network of postsecondary institutions and systems that are “early adopters” of real-time labor market information. This report provides a framework for participating institutions to investigate an emerging sector for new program development and greater impact. Because standard occupational taxonomies and traditional sources of labor market information do not incorporate most health informatics occupations, the use of real-time LMI offers the only means to assess the needs and employment prospects for this rapidly emerging field.