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Green Jobs: Where Are They?

Philip Jordan

Where are the green jobs and why do they seem so hard to find? The emerging green economy has yet to create the number of new jobs expected just a few years ago, especially in the construction industry. Economic, cultural, and political triggers have all contributed to how the green economy has evolved into what it looks like today. By engaging employers and analyzing their needs, workforce training providers can better target their programs to where opportunities and job growth exist for lower-skilled adults.

Research on firms engaged in the green economy around the country provides insight into how that economy can continue to promote the goals of workforce stakeholders seeking to create opportunities for marginalized workers. This brief explores these questions. It is adapted from a presentation at GreenWays to Good Jobs, a peer conference for workforce partnerships in the GreenWays initiative, which provides high-quality workforce services to employers and to workers seeking to advance their careers in the green economy. The conference took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, February 28 to March 1, 2012.