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Dual Enrollment in Texas: State Policies that Strengthen New Pathways to and through College for Low-Income Youth

Joel Vargas

This testimony, given before the Texas State Senate, highlights the state's successes with dual enrollment opportunities in terms of helping more high school students prepare for and succeed in college, and offers advice on how to sustain and expand these opportunities through policy.

An excerpt from Dr. Vargas's testimony:

"Although more research is needed about the benefits of dual enrollment, research has emerged in recent years showing that the completion of college courses by high school students is positively correlated with college readiness. A 2007 study by the Community College Research Center at Columbia University, found that dual enrollees, compared to non-dual enrollees, had higher college enrollment, higher college persistence through the second year, and higher college grade point averages through the second year. The research is also noteworthy because it found that these benefits appeared to be greatest for students typically underrepresented in college."

Click HERE to watch the video of Dr. Vargas's testimony, and locate the May 24 video underĀ "81st Session Interim."