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DesignForScale: State Policy Self-Assessment Tool

Postsecondary State Policy, Jobs for the Future

State higher education leaders can now learn how well their state policies promote community college completion—and if not, how to strengthen them. Assess your state’s existing policies and compare them to those advocated by state and institutional community college innovators around the country with the DesignForScale: State Policy Self-Assessment Tool. The policies highlighted in this tool help states to: gather and analyze useful data, provide students with financial aid and other non-academic supports, and reward institutions for student outcomes—not just higher enrollments.

There are two versions of this tool--a PDF, and an online form:

  • To access the PDF, please click on the link under "Download" at left. 
  • To access the online version, please follow these instructions:
  • New users should register for the JFF online tool system at:  You choose your own password.  If you forget your password at any time, the login screen has a "forgot your password" link.
  • Once registered, you can access the DesignForScale: State Policy Self-Assessment Tool by going to:
  • Once you have accessed the Tool, you will see tabs for "Overview", "Instructions", and "Assessment Form."
  1. The Overview page provides more information on the tool and the DesignForScale process.
  2. The Instructions tab walks you through how to approach completing the tool within your state.
  3. The Assessment Form tab has the actual online form.
If you have any questions, or want to learn more about this process or tool, please contact Lara Couturier, Director at Jobs for the Future, at