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Curricular Opportunities in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning Edition


The Students at the Center series paper Curricular Opportunities in the Digital Age explores how new digital technologies can be used to design curricula that are flexible enough to adapt readily to individual differences. Authors David Rose and Jenna Gravel propose that universal design for learning—as the confluence of advances in the neuroscience of human variability and in multimedia technologies—can create an "ecology for learning" which provides rich, diverse, student-centered learning pathways for all students.

To illustrate this point, the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) created a digital version of the article for Students at the Center. The UDL version is an accessible format that applies the UDL principles to transform the static, print article into an interactive, learning experience. As you read in this UDL environment, you experience exactly the kind of "student-centered learning in the digital age" that the article promotes and learn more about how each tool connects to UDL principles and pedagogy.