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Credit/Skills Recovery Pilot Project: Documentation Report for the Boston Public Schools

Terry Grobe and Bedelia Richards, with Cheryl Almeida

In support of Boston Superintendent Carol Johnson’s Acceleration Agenda and call for “graduation for all,” the Boston Public Schools launched a pilot Credit/Skills Recovery Program in summer 2008. The pilot targeted a population of young people—18 years and older—who were one to four courses short of graduation and sought to help them gain needed credits to graduate and build career and college success skills. To reach this group, the district implemented the pilot with the intent of providing students with another opportunity to earn credits toward their diplomas, while also surfacing practices that could inform the design of a similar program to be expanded and offered during the regular school year.

JFF, in partnership with the BPS Office of High School Support, documented the summer’s pilot Credit/Skills Recovery Program. This effort assisted BPS in indentifying operational questions, assessing the pilot’s initial successes and issues, and drawing implications to inform possible expansion to more schools and students.