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About Our Areas of Work
We organize our work into three areas to help low-income youth & adults:

Connecting Literacy and Work: Partnerships

Jobs for the Future

With funding from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, JFF’s Connecting Literacy and Work initiative is working with partners in five communities to strengthen the connections between adult literacy and workforce development to help low-skilled adults access the education needed to advance their careers.

JFF is working in two communities that have strong adult literacy networks interested in connecting with local partners of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions:

  • The Literacy Coalition of Southeastern Wisconsin, in the Milwaukee region; and
  • The Workforce Solutions Group, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

JFF is providing technical assistance to three adult education agencies that are connected or could be connected with workforce partnerships:

  • Durham Technical Community College, in Durham, North Carolina, a partner in the Breaking Through initiative;
  • Metropolitan Community College, in Omaha, Nebraska, a National Fund for Workforce Solutions partner; and
  • The Mississippi Office of Nursing Workforce and Hinds Community College, in Jackson, Mississippi, a partner in the Jobs to Careers initiative.