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Connecting the Dots: A Case Study of Transforming Care and the Frontline Workforce at Unitypoint Health-Des Moines

Randall Wilson

This is a case study of Iowa's UnityPoint Health and its effort to transform care, develop frontline workers, and fully align these objectives in its Des Moines hospitals and outpatient clinics. A growing number of health care employers have made substantial investments in the skill and career growth of their frontline staff—many of whom spend the most time with patients, taking vital signs, bringing meals, changing linens, and registering them into or out of the hospital or clinic. Iowa's UnityPoint Health, a leader in developing frontline workers, is committed to transforming the way it delivers care—resulting in lower costs, higher patient satisfaction, and better health outcomes. UnityPoint Health's Des Moines hospitals and clinics are showing that it is possible to connect the dots between developing a skilled workforce and delivering better care. While this process is far from finished, UnityPoint Health offers valuable lessons in aligning talent development with business objectives in the age of the Affordable Care Act.

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