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College-ready Cost to Completion Calculator

The Cost-Benefit of School Designs That Prepare All Students for Postsecondary Success Through an Early College Experience

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The Cost to Completion Calculator allows individual states and districts to model the estimated cost-benefit—in terms of cost to completion—supporting Early College Designs, schools that enable students to graduate from high school ready for college and with key college courses already completed. The benefit is calculated in terms of the savings to the state if students complete high school and earn college credentials at more efficient rates than in the traditional secondary-postsecondary system.

The benefits would be expected to outweigh the costs to the degree that some or all of the following occur for early college students:

  • More students graduate from high school and graduate college-ready than from a traditional high school
  • Students graduate with college credit that is transferrable when they become full-time college students, sometimes enough to earn an Associate's degree while in high school
  • The cost of the early college design is less than the traditional pathway through high school and college when factoring in student outcomes

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