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Building Skills, Increasing Economic Vitality: A Handbook of Innovative State Policies

Radha Roy Biswas, Jack Mills, and Heath Prince

States have been exploring a variety of strategies to increase economic vitality by building the educational and technical skills of the workforce. In this handbook for policymakers and practitioners, JFF showcases the range of policies and approaches that states have adopted and their successes in meeting ambitious goals. Building Skills, Increasing Economic Vitality highlights some of the most promising and exciting developments in state workforce and skill development policy, particularly in four areas of policy innovation: redesigning financing for workforce development; strengthening workforce development/economic development linkages; building the capacity of new labor market institutions; and expanding community college capacity.

This report is designed to help states learn quickly from the best efforts of their peers—and to accelerate the trends toward coherent clusters of state policies that build skills and promote economic vitality over the long run.