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Addressing the 61st Hour Challenge: Collaborating in El Paso to Create Seamless Pathways from High School to College

Nancy Hoffman, with Valerie Lundy-Wagner

Jobs for the Future and the Greater Texas Foundation's new report documents an early college program in El Paso, Texas that has enabled over a thousand students to earn a bachelor’s degree, and holds lessons for early college advocates and leaders. Texas has been at the forefront of the early college movement since early college—which integrates college courses with high school requirements, along with student supports—began over a decade ago. The University of Texas at El Paso has been particularly successful in reaching the goal of graduating large numbers of early college high school students with minimal loss of college credit in the transfer to university, an issue which is identified in this report as the 61st Hour problem. In efforts to resolve the 61st Hour issue, the high school and higher education institutions in the El Paso region have come together in efforts so effective that they are close to implementing a truly seamless system from 9th grade through the bachelor’s degree.

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