Accelerating Opportunity Students Speak About Their Pathways to New Careers

Students Recount Experiences in Adult Education Pathways Programs 

In honor of National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, JFF is sharing two profiles of Accelerating Opportunity students. Their experiences and accomplishments demonstrate the difference that education can make for both individuals and their families. We hope that you will find their stories as inspiring as we do.

Laurene Jobs Invests $50 Million in Redesigning American High Schools

JFF applauds Laurene Jobs’ $50 million investment to inspire new thinking, innovation, and action around redesigning the American high school. Our nation’s high schools have largely been impervious to decades of efforts to raise the educational achievement of all public school students. While student performance against standard measures like the National Assessment of Education Progress have shown some progress over the years at lower grade l

New Funding Opportunity for Organizations Serving Youth and Young Adults through Learn and Earn to Achieve Potential (LEAP) Initiative

Request for Proposals for New Student Success Centers

Hillary's Advice at Play in the Field: DesignForScale

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s brutally frank conversation with Black Lives Matter activists during an August 11th campaign stop in New Hampshire captured several realities of the policy development process. Clinton’s assertions are instructive for anyone trying to change policy, but they are particularly relevant for those of us focused on dramatically improving economic mobility and equity through community college policy reform.  

Launching Personalized Teaching in the Classroom

Launching Personalized Teaching in the Classroom

This post is by Rebecca E. Wolfe, director of Students at the Center at Jobs for the Future, and Sarah Hatton, program manager at Jobs for the Future.

Originally posted on Education Week's blog on August 13, 2015.

High School Students Gain Hands-on Experience in Manufacturing

Students at Hamblen County Schools

Summer can be one of the most transformational times of the year for high school students. This became evident after I traveled to Morristown, Tennessee, to see a group of high school students present their summer internship experiences at the Alcoa Howmet manufacturing facility. Alcoa Howmet is one of the world’s largest manufacturers for the aerospace industry, specializing in making ceramic cores used in aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. 

Leveraging Networks to Increase Completion

To reach the ambitious education attainment goals established by President Obama and a host of philanthropic organizations, higher education will need to use all of the tools in the completion toolkit, invent some new ones, and repurpose some of the old and faithful ones to amplify and expand on what they have been able to accomplish historically.

100,000 Opportunities: JFF Joins Employer-Led Efforts to Employ Opportunity Youth

While employment rates in the U.S. are improving, young people seeking to enter the workforce continue to be disproportionately unemployed. Jobs for the Future is honored to join forces with the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions and a powerful coalition of leading companies to work toward expanding economic mobility for young adults in order to create better futures for them that will benefit us all.

Supporting Second Chances: 3 Priorities to Ease Prisoner Reentry

Supporting Second Chances

More than 2 million people are incarcerated on any given day in the United States, and over 700,000 former prisoners transition back to their communities every year. We can—and must—do much more to help these young people and adults become productive members of society.