Social Finance and Jobs for the Future Launch First-Ever Pay for Success Competition in K-12 Education

Who Cares? What's Unfair about How We Treat Our Health Care Workforce

Young health care worker reading to older man

When it comes to the frailest among us, it is most likely a woman who does the caring. According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data, in 2016 women accounted for 87 percent of the nursing assistant workforce, 87 percent of home health aides, and 83 percent of all personal aides. Women of color are disproportionately employed in all of these caring occupations, as are single mothers and immigrant women.

Where to Now? Thinking Aloud About the Next Generation of Policy Issues for Dual Enrollment

High school student reading a book.

A growing body of research has consistently suggested that providing opportunities for high school students to take college courses is associated with increases in college enrollment and completion. Education leaders have responded. For well over a decade, state and federal policymakers have promoted dual enrollment through strategies such as creating or expanding funding streams for dual enrollment and early college schools, as well as mandating that local education agencies (LEAs) make available a defined amount of dual enrollment (and/or AP and IB) options.

Jobs for the Future Names New CEO

Rehumanizing Mathematics Education: Teaching Students to Change the Game

High School Is Where Manufacturing Careers Start in Delaware

High school students participating in Del Tech's Advanced Manufacturing Pathways Program

High school students participate in Delaware Technical Community College's Advanced Manufacturing Pathways Program

$1.8 Million Awarded to Hospitality Sector to Create New Career Opportunities through Registered Apprenticeship

Student Success Centers Are Supporting Community Colleges in Many Ways—And Creating Guided Pathways Is One

Employers Lead the Way: Building the Future Workforce

Wonderful company event

Education, workforce, business, and philanthropic leaders gather at the Career Pathways Lab co-hosted by Jobs for the Future, Linked Learning Alliance, and The Wonderful Company in Beverly Hills, California.*

JFF’s Leadership in Expanding Apprenticeship Increases with New USDOL Awards