JFF Identity Guidelines

Jobs for the Future Logo

JFF's official logo is available in:

These are high-resolution EPS files, usable for most purposes, and can be resaved as JPEGs or PNGs.


  • The JFF logo should be sized proportionally and not stretched or distorted. It should not be made so small that the text becomes illegible.
  • The JFF logo should be kept clear of competing text, images, and graphics. It must be surrounded on all sides by an adequate clear spaceā€”a minimum distance that is equal in size to the x-height of the workmark.
  • The logo color and primary JFF color is blue (PMS 654, C100 M37 Y0 K38, R0 G61 B121).

Thank you for downloading the JFF logo and adhering to our policies. If you have further questions about the logo or branding guidelines, please contact our graphic designer Micayla Boari.