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Developmental Education Initiative State Policy Framework Self-Assessment Tool

All states—whether or not they participated in the Developmental Education Initiative—can use this tool to evaluate their current policy environments and discuss needed policy changes in order to better support improved persistence and completion for students who place into developmental education. The tool is also used to track policy changes over time for the DEI states, providing data on the scope and magnitude of policy changes already underway.

The questions within this tool are drawn from the DEI State Policy Framework, which specifies five policy levers that state policymakers have at their disposal to support more effective ways of changing the organization and delivery of developmental education. The policy levers are:

  • Data and performance measurement
  • Developmental education innovation/redesign
  • Aligned expectations with K-12
  • Assessment and placement
  • Finance

An in-depth description of the DEI State Policy Framework can be found under “State Policy” at:

This online tool requires registration through JFF to use it. To use the online version of this tool, please email, or download the PDF.