State Policy

Jobs for the Future’s experts work in regions throughout the country to remove policy barriers to designs that improve outcomes for all students.

Scaled Community College Reform

JFF provides a comprehensive suite of technical assistance, resources, and policy guidance to support state scale up of campus-based efforts that can help millions of community college students graduate and earn a livable wage. Our resources and services are designed to help all the key state actors create the policy conditions within which community colleges can implement evidence-based, institution-wide innovations.

Students at the Center Deeper Learning Research Series

Increasingly, policymakers are engaged in important debates and decisions that will determine our effectiveness in increasing educational and economic opportunity and productivity for all learners. Students at the Center has launched a second aligned and integrated effort to coalesce and make accessible the evidence base on effective learning strategies and deeper learning outcomes. This undertaking is particularly geared toward building knowledge in formats that policymakers can draw upon to keep deeper learning outcomes front and center as they engage in the real-time debates and decisions that will enable our schools to create a highly competent and productive workforce and engaged citizens for the 21st century.

Policy Bulletins: A New Era for Educational Assessment, The Role of Digital Technologies in Deeper Learning, Deeper Learning and the Power of the WorkplaceCivic Education and Deeper Learning

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