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Building on a Strong Foundation: Linking CBE with Innovations in Developmental Education Redesign

Nate Anderson

Community colleges are committed to finding effective ways to serve underprepared learners by equipping them with the skills and credentials they need for future employment. In most cases, community colleges attempt to fulfill this mission through developmental education, but that route often can impede or derail the learner's road to college completion.

Through developmental redesign efforts, there's now a growing body of research that sheds light on some of the barriers facing underserved learners and proven solutions. Similarly, competency-based education offers great potential to serve underprepared college students—a promising though largely untested approach. JFF proposes merging the best practices of developmental education redesign models with competency-based education (CBE) to increase success for underprepared learners. This paper, which is the second brief of the Next-Generation CBE series, will focus on establishing which developmental education redesign models make the most sense to use to pilot CBE strategies. 


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