TAACCCT Comprehensive Technical Assistance

TAACCCT Comprehensive Technical Assistance

Building the Capacity of Community Colleges with TAACCCT Program Grants

Partnering with the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, JFF is leading the TAACCCT Learning Network, an initiative to provide comprehensive technical assistance to Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grantees

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 What is TAACCCT?

TAACCCT is a $1.9 billion investment in more than 700 community colleges nationwide through 256 grants. Across the country, these community colleges are using innovative education and career training programs to address the challenges of today’s workforce, provide industry-recognized skills, and help lead to family-supporting jobs.


What is the TAACCCT Learning Network?

The TAACCCT Learning Network offers services to maximize the impact TAACCCT grants on community colleges’ capacity to deliver industry-aligned education and training for adult learners.

TAACCCT Learning Network offerings include:

  • Virtual group exchanges, such as online chats and webinars with subject matter experts and grantees.
  • Facilitating in-person convenings of grantees at national TAACCCT convenings and related conferences.

Tools and resources, including a continually updated TAACCCT page of resources on WorkforceGPS. 


Many un- and under-employed adults lack the skills needed in today’s workforce.

TAACCCT challenges community colleges to work closely with industry to develop programs that provide adults with the credentials needed to enter and succeed in the labor market.

Through the TAACCCT Learning Network, JFF fosters a learning community among TAACCCT grantees, so that they can maximize the impact of the TAACCCT investment without reinventing the wheel. We also produce tools and resources by cataloging and disseminating best practices coming out of TAACCCT grants to help facilitate learning in the broader community college field. Additionally, JFF and its partners provide individual coaching and assistance to grantees who need or request it.

The TAACCCT Learning Network’s Community of Practice launched on WorkforceGPS in April 2016. Since then JFF has recruited grantees to share their success stories on webinars and in blog posts, as well as lead the development of webinars for other grantees. JFF has also managed the development and maintenance of the resource library on the TAACCCT Learning Network Community of Practice, which contains nearly 300 resource pages.

Publications produced by JFF for the TAACCCT Learning Network:

Materials developed by grantees can be found at: www.skillscommons.org