Accelerating Opportunity

Redesigning Adult Basic Education for College Success

Improving Adult Basic Education to increase the number of adults who enter postsecondary education and earn credentials that lead to family-supporting careers.

Barbara Endel
Senior Director
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Accelerating Opportunity 2014 Fall Technical Assistance Institute

October 2014 • Atlanta, GA

Meeting Objectives

  • Assist state teams in advancing progress towards institutional change and sustainability outcomes.
  • Opportunity for peer sharing to permit teams to share effective practices and understand how other states or colleges are addressing key issues
  • Teams will further their implementation and sustainability efforts by leaving with a concrete action plan.

Conference Materials

Keynote: The Promise and Potential of the Next Phase of Accelerating Opportunity

Technical Assistance Topics

Breakout Sessions

State and Team Sharing

National Conference on Integrated Basic Skills Pathways

April 2014 • Bellvue, WA

The fourth annual National Conference on Integrated Basic Skills Pathways took place in Bellevue, Washington in April 2014. The objectives of the conference were to:

  • Celebrate the progress made over the past three years to redesign the way Adult Basic Education and Career and Technical Education are delivered so that students attain credentials that lead to family-supporting employment; 
  • Participate in lively discussions with peers across the country about effective implementation and sustainability of integrated pathways; and 
  • Provide content and support as teams and states continue to implement integrated career pathways

Conference Materials

Institute Sessions

Plenary Sessions