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A Call to Action to Improve Math Placement Policies and Processes

Lara K. Couturier and Jenna Cullinane

Six Policy Recommendations to Increase STEM Student Aspirations and Success while Decreasing Racial and Income Gaps

This call to action is based on a simple but important premise: The nation cannot allow college placement policies, processes, and instruments to undermine promising efforts to increase student success in mathematics and increase attainment of STEM credentials. 

Efforts to redesign math pathways hold great promise for improving the teaching and learning experiences of students who need college algebra—many of whom are STEM students—and helping those students persist toward and maintain STEM aspirations. But placement policies, processes, and instruments have not kept pace with math redesign efforts.

This call to action, co-authored by Lara Couturier of Jobs for the Future and Jenna Cullinane of the The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with Achieving the Dream, offers six recommendations for how states and their colleges should revise math placement policies, processes, and supports to ensure that STEM-interested students are properly placed into an on-ramp leading to well-taught math courses that maintain—and even increase—their STEM aspirations.

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