Why Student Success Matter

Postsecondary State Policy

Strengthening State Policies to Advance Postsecondary Success and Careers

Advising states and community college systems on developing accelerated pathways through community college and strengthening policies to help more students graduate with a high-value credential.

Michael Lawrence Collins
Vice President, Building Educational Pathways
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Why Student Success Matter

Community colleges working to improve completion rates can end up with a sea of initiatives, programs, and reforms that affect every aspect of their operations. But these efforts often are disjointed, and they typically are available to only some students.

While small-scale efforts and individual initiatives may help small numbers of students, they are not enough to move the needle on completion. Truly improving outcomes requires large-scale institution-wide change.

A Student Success Center creates a coherent, statewide framework for action, or a lens through which its colleges evaluate, align, and integrate their work in various student success initiatives. The strategy, grounded in developing student-centered pathways, focuses on broad-scale change that affects the daily experience of every community college student.

Through the Center’s work, colleges across the state can learn from—and build on—outstanding work at their neighboring and peer institutions. They have access to shared resources, opportunities to learn from one another, and support to scale effective practices statewide. The Center connects the dots between colleges across the state so they can collectively meet their state’s completion goals.