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Strengthening State Policies to Advance Postsecondary Success and Careers

Advising states and community college systems on developing accelerated pathways through community college and strengthening policies to help more students graduate with a high-value credential.

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Vice President, Building Educational Pathways
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Student Success Center Network

There’s an emerging trend in the national college completion movement: a group of small but powerful Student Success Centers is creating statewide impact by organizing their states' community colleges around common action to accelerate efforts to improve persistence and completion. Student Success Centers are statewide intermediary organizations that provide faculty and staff with venues to share and learn, aggregate technical assistance efforts, and help colleges collaborate. The Centers build a cohesive approach to policy advocacy across their state’s community colleges so that resources are spent efficiently and reforms help as many students as possible earn postsecondary credentials.
Jobs for the Future’s Postsecondary State Policy team manages the Student Success Center Network, providing technical assistance and creating connective tissue between the existing Centers. Since the first Center was established in 2010, JFF now manages a robust network of 13 Centers, serving over half of the nation’s community college students. Support for the SSC Network is provided by The Kresge Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as local funders such as the Ford Family Foundation and the Oregon Community Foundation. 
As of September 2016, 13 states, pictured below, currently belong to JFF’s Student Success Center Network. 

*Student Sucess Centers in these states were recently launched and are in the process of developing their websites.
For more on what Student Success Centers are and what they do, please see our publication Joining Forces or Student Success Centers: Leading the Charge for Change at Community Colleges, an article in Change magazine that describes the growing trend of these Centers, including a profile of how Michigan’s Center for Student Success is helping its colleges collaborate.
As part of this work, JFF developed the Student Success Center Toolkit, which provides advice and resources for those seeking to launch a Center in their state.