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Advising states and community college systems on developing accelerated pathways through community college and strengthening policies to help more students graduate with a high-value credential.

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State Policy Meeting

2018 Summer Meeting of the Postsecondary State Policy Network

The 2018 Winter State Policy Meeting was the latest in a series of semi-annual convenings of the Postsecondary State Policy (PSP) Network—a collaborative of 17 states as well as partners and funders committed to improving student success in community colleges. For more than a decade, JFF has convened the PSP Network each winter and summer to provide opportunities for peer learning within and across states about effective models and practices, as well as to share the latest field research and to encourage collaboration around developing solutions and navigating change.

This winter’s meeting occurred on Wednesday, January 24 and Thursday, January 25, 2018, at The Motif Hotel in Seattle, WA.

Meeting Goals:

Our goals for this winter’s meeting were the following:

  • Networking and peer support: Create visibility of the successes, challenges, and learning opportunities across states, institutions, and other key stakeholders. 
  • Scaling guided pathways: Share innovative models and policy approaches that support the effective implementation and scaling of guided pathways.
  • Bolstering equity and economic mobility: Explore how pathways reforms can expand opportunities for economically disadvantaged students and contribute to the economic growth and vitality of the local and regional communities where they live and work.


This meeting was attended by a diverse array of state and institutional leaders, their partners in K-12, workforce, and 4-year sectors, and national research and advocacy organizations, funders, and policymakers. Among them were leaders of Student Success Centers, state system offices, state agencies, and membership associations, as well as community college presidents, academic and student affairs administrators, faculty, researchers, and financial aid officers.


Please click here to view the agenda from the 2018 Winter Meeting.

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