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Network Services

JFF provides both direct technical assistance and brokered Network Services to SSCs to support the alignment and implementation of their states’ student success strategies. JFF has designed a suite of demand-driven services for the SSCN in collaboration with the SSCs, their host organizations, and numerous national service providers as part of an ongoing process. 

Categories of Services

Network services are organized into three categories that target: 1) the content the SSCN is collectively working to advance (namely, guided pathways), 2) the network members that were established to advance this agenda (SSCs and their host organizations), and 3) the individuals who are the primary partners in the field leading the work (SSC leaders and staff). These three categories are not perfectly distinct, and there is some overlap between the categories of services that will be provided. 

  • Guided Pathways Implementation Services - These services are designed to help SSCs and colleges at different stages in the process of implementing guided pathways reforms. JFF works with national providers to streamline the delivery of the services to the SSCs, to minimize the time SSCs need to spend negotiating varied partnerships and logistics, and maximize the time they spend advancing the reform agenda with their colleges.
  • Capacity Building Services for the Student Success Centers and Their Host Organizations - JFF provides services designed to enhance SSCs’ effectiveness as organizations over time. These services provide support in areas such as strategic planning, policy development and advocacy, evaluation, and sustainability. JFF has established 2-person teams to regularly consult with SSCs to determine specific areas of need and collaborate on ways to address them. 
  • Leadership Development Services for Student Success Center Leadership and Staff – These services include coaching, webinars, and in-person convenings for SSC Executive Directors (EDs) and (other SSC staff). The topics, similar to the categories of services, are driven by priorities from SSC Executive Directors and are designed to enhance the organizational and leadership aptitude of the SSC staff.

Level of Services

JFF and other national providers offer services to the SSCN across the following levels:

  • Level 1 - Shared Resources  (Accessed Individually) – These services include resources and tools available for all SSCs to access via an enhanced web presence for the SSCN. The learning and resources developed as part of Levels 2 and 3 will be documented and integrated into these Level 1 assets over time.
  • Level 2 - Shared Services (Accessed Collectively)These services include the learning, training, and convenings for all SSCs. They are designed to fully leverage the power of the network by bringing the SSC and host organization staff together for joint conversations and learning opportunities to advance the collective impact.
  • Level 3 - Customized Services (Accessed Individually) -  This level of service provides advanced, customized support for SSCs and colleges. These deeper services are available to select SSCs and their colleges that demonstrate readiness to move faster, further toward statewide or cohort implementation. 

Examples of Services

Examples of current Network Services include:

  • Support related to advising and student supports redesign - in partnership with Achieving the Dream
  • Making the case and laying the foundation for guided pathways and stakeholder engagement - in partnership with the National Center for Inquiry & Improvement 
  • Assessing colleges’ progress and priorities based on self-assessment results - in partnership with the Community College Research Center
    • See the slides and the recording from CCRC's recent workshop, Scale of Adoption: Assessment and Consultation Process, at our SSCN Summer Meeting on July 18, 2017.
  • Communicating the value and impact of the Centers - in partnership with Next Chapter Communications

Additional services will be added on an ongoing basis in collaboration with the SSCN and national providers.