Developmental Education Redesign in Florida

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Developmental Education Redesign in Florida

Florida’s colleges are on the leading edge of developmental education reform. In 2013, the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 1720, requiring colleges to offer developmental education through at least one of four accelerated models: compressed, contextualized, co-requisite, and modular. The newly mandated models are designed to accelerate the time in which students who need remediation attempt gateway courses—a critical first step to entering a program of study, building academic momentum, and getting on a pathway to completion.

Jobs for the Future is partnering with the Division of Florida Colleges to assist with effective implementation of SB 1720, and to support the dissemination of information about the innovative approaches Florida’s colleges are taking. Supportive materials include:

Literature Review

In fall 2015, JFF released a literature review designed to provide information and examples related to the four mandated, accelerated models, as well as an example of an integrated model, to help colleges consider the best available evidence about each approach.




Case Studies

In fall 2015, JFF released a series of case studies documenting examples of how various Florida colleges have implemented SB 1720 and related reforms.

Webinar Series

In spring 2015, JFF delivered a webinar series designed to give Florida colleges access to national experts on developmental education redesign. Recordings of each webinar are available:

The overarching goal is to inform the decision points for Florida’s colleges when implementing developmental education reform at scale. As colleges and states around the nation are watching the implementation of SB 1720 with great interest, these materials will be useful to a wider audience as well.