Hubs and Partners

Linked Learning Regional Hubs of Excellence

Strengthening Communities and Economies through Regional Collaboration

Acting regionally to elevate the scale and adoption of high-quality career pathways—helping more students gain equitable access to this practical, powerful approach.

Marty Alvarado
Senior Director, Learning Communities
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Hubs and Partners

The James Irvine Foundation invited regions to apply to become Hubs of Excellence in August of 2015, as part of its portfolio of initiatives designed to increase the number of low-income young people who complete high school on time and earn a postsecondary credential by age 25. Several regions applied and participated in a planning phase from which a diverse group of four sites were selected as Regional Hubs of Excellence and are listed below. Two additional regions stayed connected as part of a learning community, also listed below.

In addition to having a strong foundation of Linked Learning, each region demonstrated a commitment by core partners to a shared purpose of expanding Linked Learning principles of rigorous academics, work-based learning in real-world workplaces, a sequence of career and technical education courses, and embedded student support services within their organizations and throughout the region. Consistent with their distinct regional cultures and landscapes, Hubs are charged with thinking and acting regionally to help more students gain equitable access to this practical, powerful approach.

The following are the Hub sites listed with their anchor organizations. The anchors play a central role in facilitating the Hub work.

Regional Hub Anchors


Technical Assistance Providers


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