Our Approach


Creating Career Pathways in the Green Economy

Working with employers to create career pathways, training, and supports that prepare low-income adults for family-supporting careers in the rapidly growing green economy. 

Geri Scott
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Our Approach

Projects funded through the GreenWays Initiative share our strategic approach and goals. We partner with regional funding collaboratives in each community to manage grants that align with local priority sector strategies for workforce development.; All programs are designed and implemented by workforce partnerships that collaborate with employers to provide comprehensive, integrated services that prepare lower-skilled adults for entry-level jobs in high demand occupations with career-advancement potential.

Workforce Partnerships

The GreenWays initiative invests in workforce partnerships that work closely with employers to identify the skills and competencies in demand in the regional economy, and that align services with employer needs to prepare lower-skilled adults for entry-level jobs with career advancement potential in high-demand green sector occupations.

Career Advancement

The GreenWays initiative focuses on not only job placement but also preparing lower-skilled adults for jobs that pay more, have a higher level of responsibility, and require more skill.

Sector Organizing

The GreenWays approach is sector-specific. By focusing on sectors that are important to the local economy, workforce partnerships help employers in a sector access training, services, and public resources to recruit, hire, train, and advance a workforce with the skills and competencies needed to succeed in their industry.

Program Design

Workforce partnerships translate the assets of the partnership, sector focus, and mission of career advancement for low-skilled workers into a comprehensive program design that address the needs of both participants and employers.