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Creating Career Pathways in the Green Economy

Working with employers to create career pathways, training, and supports that prepare low-income adults for family-supporting careers in the rapidly growing green economy. 

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Funders & Partners

Through the GreenWays initiative, JFF and our national partners provide technical assistance and peer learning opportunities to facilitate and support the development of a national network of green workforce development expertise among participating communities. This support focuses on fostering effective employer engagement, strengthening the links of workforce partnerships to organized labor, improving training curricula and aligning workforce programs with union pre-apprenticeship standards, and increasing the enrollment and success of women and underserved minorities in these well-paying, nontraditional occupations.

To support training, JFF partners Wider Opportunities for Women and the AFL-CIO Working for America Institute with eight regional funding collaboratives to pool financial resources and invest in pathways that produce workers with the most-needed skills. The funding collaboratives, which consist of foundations, other philanthropic organizations, and government agencies, support 20 regional workforce partnerships.

GreenWays has eight local affiliates:

The GreenWays initiative partners with regional funding collaboratives that bring together government agencies, foundations, and other philanthropic organizations to target financial resources and strategic thinking on creating jobs and careers. These collaboratives invest in workforce partnerships that effectively assist low-income individuals with obtaining and advancing in green careers paying family-sustaining wages and benefits, while at the same time ensuring that employers have the high-quality human resources that will enable them to succeed in this dynamic and competitive economy.


The GreenWays initiative is funded by two U.S. Department of Labor grants—Pathways Out of Poverty and the Green Jobs Innovation Fund—totaling $16 million.