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We organize our work into three areas to help low-income youth & adults:

Earning Postsecondary Credentials

Earning Postsecondary Credentials

GOAL: All underprepared students gain the skills they need to earn postsecondary credentials with high labor market value.

JFF helps community colleges develop career pathways for students to follow toward the skills and credentials that are in high demand in their regions. Our work is based on the philosophy that strong partnerships with colleges and employers, combined with analysis of real-time labor market information, will yield the most valuable postsecondary credentials. Our program designs accelerate Adult Basic Education and developmental education instruction to enable students to move more quickly into credit-bearing college-level work. We combine basic skills instruction with occupational and technical learning to make classes relevant and engaging. We also work with states to ensure their postsecondary education policies are designed to increase the success of underprepared students.



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