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Tuesday April 16, 2013
A Forward-looking Budget for Our Nation’s Students and Workers
Written by Kathryn Young, JFF Education Policy Director; and Mary Gardner Clagett, JFF Workforce Policy Director On Wednesday, President Obama released his Fiscal Year 2014 budget. At a time when there is much negative news coming from Washington, this budget is actually quite uplifting. Yes, it does address deficit reduction by cutting an additional $1.8 billion from current funding, but it does so through a balanced approach. And importantly, it would continue to make critical investments in education, job training, energy, and infrastructure that would spur our economy, create jobs and...
Tags: Career Pathways, Dual Enrollment, Early College, Workforce Partnership
Tuesday March 12, 2013
Workforce Innovation Fund: Lessons Learned So Far
Over the past several months, a group of five workforce development intermediaries have engaged with representatives of the twenty-six Workforce Innovation Fund grantees, in order to initiate a comprehensive program of technical assistance (TA) services. Our TA coaches work with grantees to identify specific areas where project implementation may benefit from the provision of resources or assistance from a representative of our pool of subject matter experts. Coaches also seek to identify projects that are working on similar issues, in hopes of growing a community of learning in which...
Tags: Workforce Partnership
Tuesday March 6, 2012
At the kickoff of JFF’s three-day GreenWays Peer Learning Meeting in Milwaukee, WI, practitioners, consultants, and site leads discussed employer engagement strategies, with a particular focus on the formation, operation, and contributions of employer advisory panels. The highly interactive discussion was highlighted by the sharing of some innovative practices that workforce partnerships use to facilitate and deepen employer involvement in growing a skilled workforce. Below is a brief recap of some of the lessons offered by JFF’s workforce partners: Retention begins at recruitment. Having a...
Tags: Career Pathways, Green Skills, Workforce Partnership
Wednesday October 26, 2011
In Monday’s Wall Street Journal, Peter Cappelli makes some compelling points in his article entitled “Why Companies Aren’t Getting the Employees They Need.” His take on the long running debate on whether there is in fact a skill shortage in the United States today is that employers are expecting too much. In essence, he describes employers’ desire for “plug and play” employees that are ready to perform jobs with little or no training. As a manager who does a fair amount of hiring, part of me read the article and thought “guilty as charged.” In today’s economy, I have been able to find highly...
Tags: Career Pathways, Competency Education, Health Care, State-Local Workforce Policy, Workforce Partnership