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Tuesday April 22, 2014
Boy in classroom with his art self portrait
This blog was originally posted by The California Endowment. Fifty years since President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty, America is still vexed by how to move more people up the economic ladder. Among other challenges, our education and job training systems are typically ill-equipped to prepare low-income young people with skills for good jobs or further education. This is largely because education and training institutions cannot effectively teach young people these skills without having ways to mitigate issues associated with their poverty. Unfortunately few do. But more could, if...
Tags: Career Pathways, Competency Education, Credentials, Dropout Recovery, Health Care, Opportunity Youth, Student-Centered Learning
Tuesday November 5, 2013
Time to rethink 12th grade
Everyone in education is talking about the Common Core State Standards: Writing curriculum to implement them. Building capacity to teach them. Using technology to help students meet them. This is all essential work that must be done before states begin testing in 2014 whether students are truly college and career ready, based on the Common Core. But… There’s something else we all need to start planning for now: What about the students who will not be deemed college ready? While the best long-term strategy will be to improve the education of students from grades 9-11 so that more are ready,...
Tags: Early College, Dual Enrollment
Thursday October 24, 2013
At Akron Early College High School, students start their college career the day they begin high school—right on campus at the University of Akron. Akron ECHS teens take one university course each semester along with regular high school classes, until junior year when they become full-credit college students well on their way to earning Associate’s degrees. Last spring, half of the senior class received Associate’s degrees the same week as their high school diplomas. Nearly 80 percent of the class continued their college education this fall. This is even more impressive when you consider that...
Tags: Dual Enrollment, Early College
Friday October 11, 2013
Taking Early College to the Next Level
It is the question in education today: How do we dramatically increase the number of high-need students who graduate high school with the tools they need to succeed in college and family-supporting careers? Or, put a more personal way, how do we support a 6th or 9th grader living in poverty—who may typically be at risk of not finishing high school or graduating college-ready—and prepare him to not only finish high school, but to start postsecondary education and earn a degree? More and more, educators and parents agree: The answer is early college. Where other reform efforts have fallen...
Tags: Dual Enrollment, Early College
Tuesday March 26, 2013
Early College: Stronger than Ever
Eleven years after the Early College High School Initiative launched, the early college movement has achieved a great deal. There are now more than 75,000 students in early college schools across the country who graduate high school and enroll in college at far higher rates than their peers. Nearly all of them earn college credit before high school graduation, and nearly a quarter graduate with Associate’s degree in hand. As we reflect on early college’s impact, JFF is focused on expanding early college opportunities to far more students across the country, particularly those in...
Tags: Dual Enrollment, Early College