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Tuesday October 17, 2017
By Sarah Hooker, Jobs for the Future and Radha Biswas, International Workforce Development The fate of the Dreamers remains up for grabs, as Congress and the White House spar over competing policy priorities that could determine the future of this vulnerable group, as well as the broader population of immigrants and refugees. While lawmakers consider what comes next, it is imperative that they find a solution that improves upon, rather than erodes, the already-shaky protections that existed under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Only a permanent, trusted form of relief for...
Tags: Federal Workforce Policy
Monday September 12, 2016
Students studying science
By Sarah Hooker and Joel Vargas Dual enrollment has demonstrated its potential to boost college enrollment and success, but is the route to completion of a four-year degree as quick and seamless as advertised? This is an important question posed by a recent Education Week article, “Are Dual-Enrollment Programs Overpromising?”, which raises the related issue of credit transfer rules. As Education Week points out, college courses taken by high school students are not always accepted for credit by the colleges where they enroll after graduation, or they may not count toward requirements for all...
Tags: Early College, Dual Enrollment