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We organize our work into three areas to help low-income youth & adults:


Thursday April 6, 2017
This is the second post of the Future of Work blog series.  Automation—the replacement of human labor with robotics or artificial intelligence—is poised to radically reshape our economy. This process is highly disruptive. Many jobs, even whole industries, may look completely different in the near future. For workers with the resources and information needed to keep up, automation can open up new jobs and increased economic opportunities. But for low-income workers, weathering the storm is going to be much harder. This is in no small part because the systems they rely on for retraining in the...
Tags: Economic Mobility, Employer Engagement, Equity, Future of Work, Labor Market Information
Thursday November 13, 2014
The integrated career pathways model, first developed and piloted in Washington State, is a proven approach that enables Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English language learners to earn postsecondary, credit-bearing credentials. As we discussed in a previous post, Jobs for the Future has expanded the I-BEST model nationally through the Accelerating Opportunity initiative to 7 additional states and 78 community colleges. Although the evaluation is in its early stages, results from this expansion are promising. Over the last 30 months, the initiative has enrolled 6,200 students, roughly half...
Tags: Career Pathways, Adult Basic Education