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Monday January 29, 2018
So many young people hoping to enter college or career training face serious obstacles to achieving their dreams-poor academic preparation and little postsecondary guidance, to name just two. It's discouraging to see the same problems across the country. But we know a solution that works: "bridging" that spans the chasm between high school and college. Bridge programs set up aspiring college-goers for success, introducing them to the academic expectations and social-emotional environment that await them. When these programs include proven practices, underprepared students improve college...
Monday January 22, 2018
This blog post tackles one of the toughest issues of our time: how to help more Americans complete enough postsecondary education to find a good job and achieve economic stability. That's our passion at Jobs for the Future, and periodically (spoiler alert) we need to get deep into the weeds of our work in order to address the large-scale changes required in our nation's education and workforce systems. Today's topic… pathways. If you are a community college leader looking to improve outcomes for your students, this blog's for you. Specifically, we'll get into: 1. What's the difference...
Wednesday January 17, 2018
While the U.S. economy has certainly improved in recent years, far too many people are still without jobs, and too many employers cannot find the skilled workers they need to remain competitive. To sustain economic growth and spread prosperity to more Americans, it is imperative to ensure that everyone attain the skills and credentials they need for career success. Congress can—and must—help. JFF urges Congress to take five critical policy actions in 2018 to boost economic advancement for all: 1. Protect the Dreamers Since the Trump administration announced its decision to end the Deferred...
Tags: Federal Higher Education Policy